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Nothing in this web site (or its links) is legal advice. If you have a legal problem or a legal question, speak with a qualified lawyer in the jurisdiction where you live. Solutions to legal problems often have time limits. If you think you need legal advice, donít delay contacting a lawyer.

Simon Renouf, Q.C., Leah N. Anaka, and Simon Renouf Professional Corporation are qualified to practise law in Alberta by the Law Society of Alberta.

If you wish to obtain legal advice in Alberta on matters of criminal law, employment law, or labour law contact Simon Renouf Professional Corporation .

If you live in Alberta, and are seeking a referral to a lawyer, the Law Society of Alberta provides a toll-free Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-661-1095 (in Calgary 228-1722), or you can check the Law Society of Alberta's web site at www.lawsocietyalberta.com for more information.



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