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Simon Renouf Professional Corporation
We are a law firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with a practice focused on four key areas: Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Labour Relations Law and Professional Regulation Law.
Administrative Law
Our Administrative Law practice provides counsel and representation to persons who are being investigated or have hearings before a variety of administrative tribunals. We also represent our clients in Court proceedings that can arise from administrative tribunal decisions.
Criminal Law
Our Criminal Law practice consists of representing persons accused of criminal offences, both at trial and on appeal, in a full range of cases from theft, fraud and drinking and driving offences to sexual assault and murder.
Labour Relations Law
Our Labour Relations Law practice involves representing unions and employees under Alberta and Canadian labour law statutes before that Alberta Labour Relations Board, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, and the Alberta and Federal courts.
Professional Regulation Law
  Our Professional Regulation Law practice provides representation to regulatory bodies, and to professionals who are being investigated or have been charged with unprofessional conduct or breach of their governing body's rules or standards.


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